1,000 Followes On WordPress!

Today I hit 1,000 followers on WordPress. I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting me since the beginning of my WordPress journey. Many people have been reaching out to me and giving me feedback about my current posts. Thanks to everyone who has showed support and pushed me to keep going.

Starting A YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel has been on my mind for weeks. I would love to connect with my WordPress family and show more of me! Sometime soon I will start posting YouTube videos to connect more with my audience! 
Stay tuned for new updates and news soon!

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~ Cedric Ramey 

Pollution 2016 And How We Are Fixing It 

Recently I watched a documentary called ” Before The Flood ” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. At first I just clicked on the video out of random, but something about this documentary really caught my attention and I put my phone down and focused myself on what Leonardo was explaining in the beginning and realized it was about how our earth is being polluted. Understanding more about pollution and world problems really woke me up and reminded me that we still have these problems that need to be solved. Coming together as a people and getting information about this is important, change is important. This documentary has received a lot of controversy since it was released back in October. More people are being aware of pollution and understanding that earth is hurting. 

” You are the last best hope of Earth. We ask you to protect it or we, and all living things we cherish, are history “.

~ Leonardo DiCaprio 


Jaden Smiths Just Water

Jaden Smith has had the idea of helping the environment since he was 10. 

Jaden Smiths quote at the 2016 Environmental Media Awards

” My passion for the environment started when I was young, I was 10 and I was surfing and I saw all of the water being pulluted by the plastics that were in the ocean and I started to study more and more in school and see the pacific patch was a real real thing and that bio plastics breaking down was a real thing and was getting in the food chain of everything that we eat in the ocean, and I was just so hurt by this because as 10 year old boy I had no idea that this was happening at all. I talked to my parents about it and said guys this is happening, I don’t know what to do, but I want to be apart of the solution and be apart of the change”.

Jaden Smith has created a water bottle that will help the environment. Just Water bottle is made out of 83%percent mineral resources. Jaden has dedicated his life on the bottle to make sure that one day it will be made out of 100% mineral resources. What I love about hearing this news is that it only shows that as a people we can help change the way we live and make the enviorment around us better. 

Source: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images North America

Humans Are Also Effected By Pollution 
Growing up I always worried about the animals around me. Doing more research and understanding that not only are we effecting animals, but we are also hurting ourself. Below is a list of side effects of being effected by pollution. 

  1. Allergies 
  2. Asthma 
  3. Irritation to eyes
  4. Nassel passages
  5. 5.Other forms of respiratory infections

    There are many ways to prevent pollution and help make the environment you live in better, it can be the most simipliest activity such as recycling etc. I feel that more people are becoming aware and are trying to make a change. Knowing how pollution effects your health is important. Large groups of people are coming together to make a change to help with the enviorment and making a difference in the world. The more we know the better, and faster we will see the results.

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    What do you think about pollution?

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    ~ Cedric Ramey

    5 Things That I Learned From My Spiritual Journey 

    For about 1 year I started to become more serious about my spirituality views about life. Spirituality has really changed my life and helped me understand myself more.
    1. Positivity 

    Everyday I try to remain positive no matter how bad the day can get. 
    2. I stopped arguing with people 

    Argueing has been a issue in the past, overcoming this and realizing that there is no need for me to prove someone wrong has been good for me lately, instead of trying to get my last words in a negative situation I’ll to try understand where the other person is coming from. Not letting arguments and negative conversation in my life has made me into a more positive person and I learned to respect people even when I’m not getting the respect back.
    3. Remaining present during stressed times

    Usually I would dwell on the past or worry about the future, instead I get myself in the present moment and focus on what is going on now instead of worrying about the possibilities of the future, this had helped me with achieving certain goals and stopped procrastinating.
    4. Meditating 

    Meditating has helped me become more positive and happier. I cleared my mind from things that didn’t matter and made me get a chance to see what really matters and what I thought that mattered but was a issue that I had to solve 
    5. Letting go 

    Letting go and moving on was something very big on me, I started forgiving myself and others, soon I stopped blaming people for things and started to accept that I cannot change and the best thing is to seek new and better opportunities in life.

    5. Open minded 

    I have started to become more open minded in life! Instead of not seeing interest in activities or people that I didn’t know much about I began to explore my boundaries by trying new hobbies and listening to what other cultures and groups had to say.
    Still On My Journey 

    Knowledge is power, remaining to stay focused on the positive aspect of life is key. I’m continuing to learn, and I feel that my spiritual journey is improving each day. I don’t have a specific goal in this, I will like to see how things will change in the future without dedicating my whole life on it, eventually I feel that this journey wouldn’t be so much of a Journey much longer, but a lifestyle that I will soon adapt to naturally. 

    Benefits of drinking a gallon of water a day for a month

    Drinking water is very important for humans, it’s what keeps us alive and keeps us functioning. For about a month straight I tested out drinking a gallon a water a day. Months have gone by and I can say that my experience with a gallon a day helped and improved myself, bellow you can see my progress.

    Week 1.  Full of energy

    Drinking a lot of water kept me full of energy throughout my day. My brain seemed to function even better and I was more alert. 

    Week 2. Skin cleared up 

    People have always told me that drinking a lot of water will help stop acne and clear skin. I quickly noticed that drinking pure water helped my acne and also gave a glow to my skin!

    Week 3. Healthy hair

    The more water you drink the more you will see your hair growing healthy and faster, lots of water helps flush out toxins more which speeds up hair growth!

    Week 4. Exercising and muscles improvement!

    I have seen a lot of improvement of my muscles and learned that keeping your body hydrated will strengthen your bones. During the past month I have been drinking a lot of water to help me stay healthy and hydrate my bones so I will see the results in my work out routines. You need enough water to get enough electrolytes that we need to support our bones! 

    The results of a full month

    I have seen a lot of healthy side effects by drinking a gallon a water a day. I also noticed that I would have to urinate more than I usually did, so I tried to drink a balance of water throughout the day so I wouldn’t have to keep going back and fourth to the restroom. A gallon of water helped grow my hair faster and my nails. Drinking enough water will improve exercising and keep you pushing! 
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    7 things I’ve learned about going vegan

    My experience with going vegan really showed me a different world. I’ve gone two months with a plant based diet. I still have interest with the diet and lifestyle which has changed my way of thinking. Eating a vegan diet will definitely show a positive change in your life!

    1. I started to feel healthy.

    As I began my first week with going vegan I quickly realized that I felt better, it helped me go through my day feeling more energetic by getting things done smoother. I was also more relaxed and clear minded.

    2. My acne was going away.

    Growing up, I always had acne. For years I wondered why I always had that nasty pimple…yuck! Going vegan helped me realized that I was eating bad junk food. Eating more fruits and vegetables and less junk food showed a lot of results of my skin clearing up.

    3. Being peaceful of all life.

    Before going vegan I would see insects such as roaches, flys, and spiders in my personal space and would try to hit them. Now I try to get them out of my way without harming them and take them outside instead.

    4. Going vegan inspired me to work out more!

    Since I was eating healthy I figured why not exercise and become physically healthy. I started becoming more motivated and felt even better!

    5. Exposed to new food recipes.

    I was getting more in the kitchen and learning different ways to create a delicious vegan meal! I was more open to cooking learning recipes that I never knew of.

    6. More in touch with nature.

    The vegan experience really had a great effect on my life. I was drawn more into nature and started hiking more. Understanding that we can live peaceful in nature with animals is key and getting more in nature is amazing for humans.

    7. I’m open minded

    The vegan experience has certainly opened my mind. I was more interested in learning about new lifestyles and getting the most out of the world and understanding what I really want to do and what do I want to try. Being a vegan made me feel more healthier and I continue to add a vegan meal in my diet. Going vegan is a great option in life and will give you a amazing experience.