Thanks for visiting! My name is Cedric Ramey, a 20 year old blogger sharing my views on life and my experiences. With a passion for fashion, art and lifestyle I try to express myself and put my thoughts in words and photos to the world. 

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33 thoughts on “About Me 

  1. Hey Cedic, Nice observation on living in the mountains. I also live in the mountains and can reiterate your observations, albeit, I am 55 years your senior. The mountains keep me alive and going with their magnicent energy. Be well.

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  2. Dear Cedric,

    I would like to read about more of your experiences – living in the mountains must be wonderful. And I really liked your pictures. As a former Lifestyle journalist and picture editor I think being up high gives you the perspective to appreciate the best in art and fashion.

    Cheers from South Africa

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  3. Hi Cedric! Thank you for visiting my blog and liking one of my posts. I too post about certain things as well. I love art so much that I’ve totally dedicated another blog to at however if you’ve visited this one I share trials, tribulations and my personal favorite POEMS. I hope you enjoy reading. Theye pretty “deep” if that’s your cup of tea.
    Otherwise welcome Cedric!!!!

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  4. Hey Cedric Thanks for the follow. If you have any questions about Photography just leave a comment.
    I try to post a minimum of once a week. Good luck with your Blog.

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    1. Hello! I have just started out on WordPress, but I’ve figured out a couple things regarding tech. To add pictures, you can click the little “edit” button below your post, click the plus sign on the top left to “insert content”—> “add media”. From there, you can choose pictures from your computer to upload! You can also choose whether to put your picture inside your post, or as a header image (in “post settings” on the right), though this might vary between themes. Hope I helped!

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