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Gunther Da Great Interview 

Chase Eatmon, also known as Gunther the Great is a YouTube/FilmMaker. He is well known for his dreadlock videos that have became popular over the few years along side with many of his daily vlogs, I began watching his videos and really started to enjoy the content that he provides in his vlogs, which remind me of famous YouTube star, Casey Neistat. Chase brings his YouTube videos to life with great camera techniques. His channel has a variety of cool topics and is always bring something new to the table. 

Thank you Chase for  being apart of my blog. I have been watching your videos for a year now and the content is great. Where are you from, and what inspired you to begin a career on YouTube?

~ Cedric

“Thanks for watching, it means a lot to me! I am from a small town in Kanas called Liberal. There’s not really anything to do there, but skateboard. Skateboarding led me into filmmaking which led me into pursuing YouTube as a career.”


I understand, I’m also from a small town, you have nice filming skills. Is filmmaking one of your biggest passions? Also, can you share what you do to our audience.


“I wouldn’t really considerate it a passion. It’s something I really enjoy to do. I would consider my walk with God a passion that I have, and that’s the biggest thing that I want to show to my audience as well.”

~ Chase 

In one of your videos you mentioned that you left college. Did you ever regret it, or did you look at it as a positive outcome? I know that there are many people who were in the position you were in, do you have any advice?

~ Cedric

“I thought it was a good decision for myself, because it brought nothing but success. My advice to others is if you’re able to do it without college then do it.”


What camera do you use to film and editing software. I really love the creative work you put into your videos. What or who influenced you on your skills and amazing work?

~ Cedric 

“I use a Canon t6i and I edit with Adobe premiere pro. I get influenced by a wide variety of things, but I mostly try to come up with new concepts myself”

~ Chase 

Thank you for your time, what keeps you motivated and what do you have to say to up and coming filmmakers/youtubers just starting out?

~ Cedric 

“Thank you! The joy and peace that God has given me keeps me motivated to keep prospering. One thing I would like to tell everybody is to be yourself and be consistent.”

~ Chase

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Thank you for reading!

~ Cedric Ramey 



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