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Living With Coyotes 

For the past 3 years I have been living in the mountains of Southern California, I never noticed any wildlife on the hills besides snakes and rabbits, but for the past few months there has been numerous coyote attacks and it seems to get worse.

My Dog Meets A Coyote Pack

One early morning my dog decided to run out the gate unexpectedly. I didn’t notice that she was gone until I seen her minutes later running around the mountains, at first I wasn’t worried because she would usually come back, but this time she decided to stay out longer. As I kept looking to see what she was up to I then noticed a group of coyotes that she was approaching, I quickly started running torwards her and the coyotes and by the time I got to their location they all begin to run up higher, I paused and realized that the coyotes were not attacking my dog and they were playing but I also remembered that coyotes sometimes play first with they’re prey. Finally after about 10 minutes of them playing my dog came to me very tired and exhausted, that was my first time coming close to a group of coyotes! 

Coyotes Attack Neighbors dogs

Weeks later after my dog met the local coyote pack everything seemed fine and I haven’t seen any coyotes ever since then. One afternoon I heard dogs barking for longer then I usually do, I soon looked out my window and seconds later I see a coyote biting a small dog by the neck and as I looked over more to the right another coyotes did the same. This was shocking and I quickly went outside to yell to my neighbors to notify them. There wasnt much that I could do because by the time I would of ran across of the field they would of been gone, that was another day that I seen coyotes in action and soon then realized that coyotes are not so playful.

Coyotes make a lot of noise!

During the day you might not never hear a coyote as for when night calls you would never hear the end of it. I noticed that the coyotes usually come out around 11:00 PM at night, they will make so much noise to the point where they could wake you up out of your sleep. By 12:00 AM the pack of coyotes go hunting and ever once and a while I would hear a animal getting attacked by the coyotes. 


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